What to Expect When Taking your Child to the Dentist in Highlands Ranch

Everyone that lives in the Highlands Ranch area knows that there are many things to do here, like the 22 lush parks and spacious 8100 acres to explore, though you may not know what to expect when you take your child for his first visit to the dentist in Highlands Ranch. Parents can sometimes feel uneasy about taking their little one to the dentist because they don’t know what to expect. Visiting the dentist before the appointment is advisable so that the child can meet the dentist and get used to his personality. Your child should feel comfortable with the dentist in order to have an optimal relationship. After all, your child will be seeing the dentist at regular intervals throughout his life, so they should get along well from the beginning.

On the day of your child’s first appointment, you should arrive early to fill out any of the necessary paperwork and submit insurance information to the receptionist. There will be an area that is just your child’s size with table and chairs, toys, books and possibly some crayons. Let your child play with the other children while you wait to be called in. When the name of your child is called, you can let your child choose if he would rather that you wait or go in with him. The Dentist Highlands Ranch will be very pleasant and child-friendly to your son or daughter and may also give one or more of the following suggestions for healthy teeth in children:

     1. Get them involved in ways that are age-appropriate. An example is if your five year old wants to choose his toothpaste from the ones that you have already approved. He will feel like he had an option and that makes it more fun to care for your teeth.

     2. Plan your child’s schedule for brushing and flossing when he is not tired and uncooperative. Better hygiene is achieved with alert attention to the brushing and rinsing of the teeth. You will have better results with your child when they aren’t overly fatigued.

     3. Find something that motivates your individual child and use it as an incentive for good brushing. You can use stickers or gold stars if they brush for a certain amount of time. Also, you can reward them for proper flossing and rinsing, at your discretion.

Make sure that you show your children by your actions that oral hygiene is important. When they see you brushing twice daily, flossing once a day and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash, they will take the habit from you. This could be one of the best habits to give them, with a little help from your dentist in Highlands Ranch.

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