Why Choose an Assisted Living Facility

The elderly usually requires extra help to move about the house, remember to take medication, and feed/clothe themselves. While you may start with in-home care or switch off between family members, it could be time to ask your loved one if an assisted living facility in North Shore Chicago may be more suitable. It’s tough for older adults to realize that they can’t live alone safely, but they can still enjoy life the way they want at an ALF.


Many times, homes have stairs that can pose a fall risk, outdated tubs without handrails, and other unsafe options while an assisted living center offers a comfortable and safe environment for the elderly. They may also have security systems and monitoring throughout the building, which ensures that no matter where your loved one is, help is just a few seconds away and they can’t wander out if they have Alzheimer’s.


Most facilities allow their guests to eat in a cafeteria-style setting and they get to choose the most appropriate mealtime for them. That way, they’re not forced to eat at 5 p.m. on the dot if they prefer to eat later.

They may also be able to choose snack-box style foods, where they pick from an a la carte menu. Some spaces may also have kitchenettes or full kitchens, so senior citizens can cook for themselves when they desire.


You never have to worry about who’s going to take grandma to her doctor’s appointment because facilities provide transportation to appointments and may even take them on outings. Plus, their family members can always sign them out for the day to go on an outing.

Assisted living in North Shore Chicago is an excellent alternative to a traditional nursing home, so visit Lake Forest Place and learn more.

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