Why Should Consumers Use Storage Services In Fort Myers, FL?

In Florida, storage units offer adequate space for household items and equipment. The facility offers everything from small ten-by-ten units to warehouses that are ideal for large-scale items. Customers receive a well-constructed unit that stands up to all weather conditions. A local facility offers storage services in Fort Myers FL through a moving or relocation package.

Immediate Delivery to the Unit

The movers transport all the belongings from the property to the storage facility. The crew unloads all items into the unit safely and organizes it according to the labels on the packages. The customer can visit the unit at any time to remove items from the unit if they prefer.

Transport from the Unit to the New Location

The moving companies provide transport from the unit to the new location. The service is included in the moving package. All items are loaded onto the transport vehicles securely, and large items are strapped to prevent them from shifting around during the move.

Safe and Secure Units

All storage units are safe and secure. The facility manager provides locks for each unit to help the customer keep outsiders out of their units. Surveillance cameras capture all footage around the units, and security guards are present during the day. The customers don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into their unit and stealing their belongings. Select storage facilities require a code to get into the gate.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage units prevent damage from happening. The interior of the unit remains a comfortable temperature throughout the year. The items stored in the unit are safe and won’t warp or crack due to extreme temperatures. The facility manager adjusts the temperature according to the current weather conditions.

In Florida, storage units are constructed of strong materials that won’t lead to mold or other unwanted conditions. The units are rented as part of a moving package for customers that are between properties and need somewhere to store their items temporarily. Security and surveillance are included in the storage rental. Consumers or business owners who want to learn more about storage services in Fort Myers FL contact us for more information right now.

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