Why You Should Consider Student Apartments for Next Semester in Norman

College is an exciting time for most people, but there are some things about dorm life that can significantly dampen the experience. If you’re not looking forward to traditional student housing, here’s why you should think about student apartments near OU.

More Space

Dorms can be notoriously small, and your lifestyle may make your living situation hard to handle. For example, if you play a lot of sports, a dorm room may be too small to hold all of your equipment, shoes, and sports clothes. This can also put a strain on your relationships with your roommates. Student apartments make it easier to bring all your belongings and keep them organized.

More Amenities

Student apartments tend to have better amenities than regular dorms. The university may have a pool, but you’ll have to share it with all the other students. The same is true for campus gyms. Student apartments make it easy to use clean amenities during extended hours without having to share with crowds of other students.


It can be stressful to leave a pet behind, but with student apartments, you don’t have to! As long as you meet the qualifications, you can bring your furry friend to college with you. And thanks to all the green spaces, your pet will have plenty to explore.

Dorm life may not meet your expectations, so if it’s time to switch to student apartments near OU, check out Redpoint Norman to learn about their amenities, rates, floorplans, roommate selection process, and more.

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