Why You Should Invest in a High Gas Mileage Bike Right Now

Do you like to go on long distance rides on your bike? Then the constant stress on the muscles of your legs and the resulting pain or injuries must be some things that you are quite concerned about. Indeed, going on long journeys on manually pedaled bikes can be quite stressful, especially if you are not used to taking such trips on a regular basis.

I really love going on long biking trips. Is there a way of doing so without getting too fatigued?

Yes, definitely there is such a way. Why don’t you consider investing in an electric bike, in order to make the rides a lot more comfortable and stress free? That will not only reduce the stress on your body during the ride, but also allow you to go much faster than ever before. When you are feeling fatigued after pedaling for a long time, simply turn on the electric motor and hold on to the handlebars. That’s it. You can ride like this for an extended period of time, till the battery runs out of juice. Then, you can resume pedaling, and get the batteries recharged at the earliest available opportunity.

Sounds good, but this sounds quite similar to a motorcycle, doesn’t it?

Not at all! When was the last time you managed to purchase a motorcycle that runs on batteries, and that too, for hours every time it is charged up? Besides, you do not need a license to ride these bikes, which would not be possible if you were going to ride a motorcycle. Finally, which motorcycle gives you the option to pedal manually whenever you wish, in order to get a nice workout?

I have heard that these bikes are called high gas mileage bikes. But aren’t these powered by electricity?

Yes, of course, but many customers have difficulty understanding the energy efficiency of an electric bike, due to all the jargons involved. For instance, if a customer who does not have much technical knowledge is told, “this batteries used in this bike has a capacity of 792 watt-hours”, he is likely to think the retailer is speaking nonsense. However, if he is told, “this is a high gas mileage bike, and can ride just as far as a motorcycle would go for 12 liters of gasoline”, he would not have problems drawing comparison between the two. That is why some retailers choose to call these bikes as high gas mileage bikes, which is not exactly wrong, when you think of the actual reason behind it.

So, why not get a high gas mileage bike right now? You know, those weekend biking trips with your buddies might feel a lot more comfortable on one of those.



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