3 Main Functions of a Holistic Healing Center

A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the causes of illness in human beings have remained more or less the same in the last 20 years. While an unhealthy lifestyle is considered to be responsible for around 53% of the cases of disease and illness, lack of professional medical care is responsible for roughly 10% of these cases. This explains the appeal of holistic health centers in the US and other countries across the world. 


Most people lean towards holistic cures because it involves an ongoing process that addresses the deep rooted causes of illness and attempts to cure them. The basic philosophy of a good holistic healing center is not to do away with one particular disease or symptom but to maintain overall health and wellness. They are committed to taking the concept of ‘wellness’ to a whole new level where you learn to enjoy each moment of a healthy lifestyle.


How a Good Holistic Healing Center Functions

Below you will find the primary functions of a holistic healing center.


Preventive care: Holistic care is often considered to be a predominant form of preventive care. More than just working towards preventing illnesses, it evaluates your daily activities and selects the ones that promote an enhanced sense of well-being. The motivation to stick to these positive practices comes from positive energy. A person’s current state of enhanced well-being motivates them to stick to positive practices their entire life. And the positive cycle continues.


Boost the body’s natural healing system: A holistic healing center plays an important role in dealing with disease and chronic illness. The entire system is evaluated as a comprehensive case and the problems are addressed accordingly. The holistic treatment specialist and doctor may work together. Treatments are specifically targeted towards boosting the body’s natural healing systems.


Suppress symptoms: Holistic medication is not about just eliminating symptoms. For example, taking aspirin for getting rid of a headache is not an example of holistic medication. Holistic care involves unraveling the long term causes of the headaches and eliminating them.


Choose a holistic healing center that emphasizes each of these practices.



If you are looking for a well-known holistic healing center that has some of the most qualified staff, visit www.centerforhealthandhealing.org. The doctors working in this clinic are members of the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) and are recognized leaders in their field.

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