3 Reasons Country Clubs are Great Wedding Venues

Your wedding day is a big deal, and it is made up of many components. Among the most important components of a wedding is the venue. Once you know where it will be held, everything else can fall into place. Midway area wedding venues, like country clubs, have grown in popularity for a number of reasons.

Here are three reasons why country clubs make great wedding venues.

Membership is not Required

In order to maintain their facilities and to provide their amenities, country clubs require members to pay a membership fee. These venues, however, will rent out their buildings for weddings to non-members, too. This gives you the opportunity to experience desirable indulgences on well-kept grounds for your special day.


The staff employed by country clubs are trained in project management, customer service and networking. You probably have a detailed vision of your wedding in mind. The staff at a country club can use their resources to bring that vision to life, make improvements and additional suggestions. If you prefer, however, you are also free to bring in your own wedding planners who will team up with the staff members.

Package Deals

Sometimes, centralizing details is a plus, and sometimes it is not. Country clubs offer wedding packages. These packages can be adjusted to fit your vision and budget. If the venue can provide the majority of the details for your wedding, it can relieve you of stress and anxiety. When they are in charge or overseeing deliveries, set up and clean up, it frees you up to spend your time getting ready and spending time with your loved ones.

As you plan your wedding, selecting a country club as the venue makes sense. Midway wedding venues, like Carriage Greens Country Club, are experienced and equipped to handle your event.

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