Get Premium Rotomolded Hard Cooler in Portland, OR

Hard Cooler Portland OR:

The Hard Cooler Portland, OR from Outlast Life is a must-have for adventure seekers and campers and hikers. The premium rotomolded hard cooler is typically meant for the outdoors.


You can move the Hard Cooler in Portland, OR over various terrains. It has hard side handles with a good grip.

Additionally, it has nylon straps on the sides, which makes it easy to carry. You can remove these handles when they are not in use. All these handles facilitate easy carrying over any area.


The walls and the lid of the cooler have more than two inches of polyurethane foam. Therefore, it is hard and strong enough to endure any drops and bumps. It also has foot pads with a sturdy grip to allow it to be steady even during windy weather.


The Hard Cooler Portland comes in various models that have a range of capacities for holding ice. The OR and OD models hold for a maximum of seven days. The OA model carries for up to five days.

It has a drainage valve on the bottom side that allows you to drain water without turning it.


The rotomolded case is high-density polyethylene. This material cannot seat, leak, crack, or warp. It means that the Hard Cooler Portland can last for several years without any damage.


It closes securely with a TPE T-Latch. Additionally, it has tie-downs and molded openings.

Trust Outlast Life with all your outdoor products that the modern lifestyle demands. We aim to create a platform for any outdoor products that include the Hard Cooler Portland.

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