7 Benefits of Jade Oolong Tea

Do you know 15,000 cups of tea are consumed in the world every second? Surprising… is it not? This fact is published in a book called Foods That Fight Cancer, written by Richard Béliveau and Denis Gingras. These two authors are renowned names in the field of cancer research and both of them lay special emphasis on foods that can fight cancer elements. Tea is one of the items in their food list since the beverage has special antioxidant properties. Jade Oolong tea, a herbal tea, known for its rich taste, great color and anti-cancer properties. Due to the inherent merits of this tea, it is highly prized by Taiwan tea connoisseurs.

What is so Special about Jade Oolong Tea?

The factor that makes Jade Oolong tea highly appreciated by tea lovers is its cultivation process. This tea is produced at high mountains, at an elevation of 1000 – 2600 feet above the sea level. At higher elevations the climate changes at a very dramatic speed. Nights are generally cold and days are exceptionally hot. This extreme temperature change within the short time period is just perfect for the cultivation of tea. In addition to this, heavy rains are experienced on high mountains that give way to blinding sun, often within minutes. All these weather conditions are responsible for cultivating high quality mountain tea with somewhat thicker, smoother and stronger texture. All these characteristics cannot be found in average tea leaves.

Benefits of Jade Oolong Tea

In order to further establish the speciality of Jade Oolong tea, we can enlist its following benefits:

1.       It contains strong antioxidants called polyphenols. These antioxidants help the body to fight against free radicals and hence prevent cancer possibilities.

2.       Polyphenols present in this tea trigger the process of burning accumulated fat in the body. This increases the metabolic rate of your body and you burn calories faster than usual.

3.       It improves your blood circulation as well. Hence, there is a reduced risk of heart diseases.

4.       By virtue of its special enzymes, it makes your digestive system strong. Thus, you remain free from a number of digestive problems including constipation, diarrhoea, stomach disorder, gas and acidity. It also improves your colon health in this process.

5.       Jade oolong tea has proven to have many anti-depressant properties. The essential oils in it can relax the nerves and keep the stress hormone levels down.

6.       It keeps your mind alert by stimulating certain hormones in your brain. So, if you have to sit for study or office work, begin by having a cup of tea.

7.       Last, but not the least, it is great for your skin! The antioxidant elements of this tea variety can protect your skin from a number of problems, such as aging, acne, wrinkles, dullness and pigmentation.


Although highly priced, looking at the extreme benefits of this special mountain tea, nobody actually minds to spend a bit extra money on it.

The Mountain Tea Company has been providing Jade Oolong tea to its customers since 1985. This company is both, the producer and wholesaler, of this tea. For making an online purchase of this tea, visit Themountainteaco.com

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