Overview of Bergen County Injury Law Firms

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 24,100,000 US citizens suffered a disabling injury during 2001-2005. The NSC estimates that there were 45,800 deaths due to motor vehicle accidents between 2001 and 2005. If you or a loved one have sustained an injury due to the intentional or unintentional act of another person, the best course of action is to seek compensation for the damages. If you are in Bergen County, injury law firms can help you with filing such claims.


How Bergen County Injury Law Firms Help

These law firms doggedly determine that justice is served to their clients. They also help their clients in representing worker’s compensation, accidents, and medical malpractice. Some of Bergen County’s injury law firms have been around since the 1930s and therefore provide services that are tempered by vast experience. They offer comprehensive client service to people who need support in the filing of damage claims. These services include drafting all the required documentation, filing the claim in court, negotiating with the third party or insurance provider, and even putting up your case before the judge, if it goes to trial.


They are also estimate the value of the damage or loss sustained, and are the best people to advise you on whether or not you should file a claim. This selection procedure helps the law firms to focus on the necessary attention and provide the correct solutions o their clients in specific legal matters.


What Bergen County Injury Law Firms Consider Personal Injury

Here are a list of instances that are considered to fall under the purview of personal injury for Bergen County injury law firms.


1.      Physical Injury – This includes all bodily injuries that could be caused or exacerbated by the actions of a third party. A majority of personal injury cases fall under this category.


2.      Financial Injury – This includes financial losses incurred due to an injury, as well as direct monetary impact of the actions of another person.


3.      Reputation Injury – Slander and defamation cases fall under this category.


4.      Medical Malpractice – The negligence of doctors other healthcare professionals could lead to the exacerbation of an existing illness or cause new damage to a patient.


5.      Wrongful Death – The loss of life due to the intentional or unintentional actions or negligence of a third party fall under this category.


The benefits of retaining an experienced Bergen County injury law firm provides an easier way to knowledgeable advice while pursuing legal action and/or settlement, and also helps in avoiding any legal hurdles.



Search online for an experienced Bergen County injury law firm to handle your case. You will find lawyers who have over 100 years of cumulative experience in handling personal injury and other legal issues.

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