Four Tips for Finding a Divorce Attorney Near Bellevue WA

by | May 3, 2022 | legal

Finding the right divorce attorney is essential for a successful case. Whether you’re having an amicable and friendly divorce with your spouse or a rough one that requires fighting for your rights, your experienced divorce attorney near Bellevue WA can help you through every step of the process. Here are four tips for finding the best divorce lawyer for your needs.

Keep it a Secret

If you haven’t come to the conclusion with your spouse that you are getting a divorce, you should keep you search for a divorce attorney a secret. If you are the only one considering a divorce and your spouse finds out that you’re looking for an attorney, they can start clearing out the joint bank accounts and hiding assets without telling you. Once you find out what your rights are in a divorce, you can serve your spouse with the papers. Once this happens, they are not allowed to clear out any accounts or make any major financial decisions that affect both of you.

Look for a Family Attorney

If your divorce involves children that you had during your marriage, it is a good idea to consult with a family law attorney. They can help you evaluate what’s best for your children during the divorce proceedings and afterwards. When choosing a family law expert, research their credentials to see if they have any books, published articles or other credentials that make them an expert on the subject.

Know the Costs

Depending on where you live, divorce attorneys can range from the affordable price range to the more expensive. A divorce attorney in a major metropolitan city like New York City might charge upwards of $300 whereas a divorce attorney near Bellevue WA might charge significantly less. Of course, there are other factors that determine the cost, including the attorney’s experience and the intricacies of your case. Before hiring a divorce attorney, you should get an idea of what they charge per hour and how much you can expect to pay by the time the divorce proceedings are finalized. Some attorneys may even offer a flat rate if that works better for your financial situation.

Schedule a Consultation

If you think you’ve found the ideal divorce attorney near Bellevue WA, schedule a consultation. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss the details of your case and determine a strategy. In this initial consultation, the attorney should give you an idea of cost and the potential outcomes of the case, too.

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