What You Get From A Full-Service Beauty Salon in Salinas CA

by | May 4, 2022 | Beauty Salon and Products

Most people have heard of a full-service Beauty Salon in Salinas CA, but they may not know what it offers or what they can receive. If you are like that, you may have skipped salons because you didn’t know what was offered or thought it would be too pricey. However, you can have many services for not much more than you would pay anywhere else.


Hair cutting and styling is a given, as most salons will handle this task. However, you can get multiple services done at once so that if you want a color, cut and style, you can get all of them completed at once place. Whether you have a specific style in mind or want advice, hairstylists can help you find the perfect option.

Chemical Needs

Chemical services can include perms, keratin treatments, and blowouts. They will typically include a finishing service to complete the look. These options are for people who want to change their look or treat their hair a little more than usual.


Coloring the hair can include many separate things. You may want highlights or all-over color. You can also choose from retouching services, glaze, partial or full highlights. You can have one color or multiple ones, and you can even have a botched coloring session from somewhere else fixed.

Hair Removal

Hair removal may not seem like something done at salons, but most will typically offer them. Waxes are usually provided, such as a facial wax or eyebrow wax. You can also have your lip and chin done. Some Beauty Salon in Salinas CA will also provide bikini or Brazilian waxes though not all of them will. You should call the location to ask them specifically before visiting.

Spray Tans

While you may not think to get a spray tan at your local salons, many will offer this service. Most will not advertise them, but you can still ask about it. In general, you will receive a spray tan in a booth though some will use a hand-tool to spray it on. Otherwise, it will be similar to what you receive at tanning booths, but you can get all of your services in one spot.

Makeup/Permanent Makeup

Many makeup options are available, from eyelash tinting and application to airbrushing. You can also get permanent makeup (tattoos) so that you always wake up ready to go.

A Beauty Salon in Salinas CA should be able to handle many services that you may require, such as cutting, color and hair removal. For more information contact Ringlets and Roots today.

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