A Brief Look at Indian Wedding Cards Design: Unique Wedding Cards Design

In wedding cards design for an Indian wedding celebration, there are many different designs to choose from. Even though it is easy to order the invitations of your choice online, there is no such thing as sending the invites through email. They are delivered in person and are very elaborate in style, paper quality and calligraphic font. The invitations are intended to offer a glimpse at the elegant affair to which the guests are invited. The process of choosing the design of the wedding card is one of importance in the wedding plans for an Indian couple. It takes time to decide on the design because there are several categories to choose from.

Religious wedding cards design

Depending on the religious community of the families, there are certain styles to choose from for wedding cards in religious designs. For example there are designs suited for Hindu weddings, Sikh weddings or Muslim weddings. Whatever the religious community involved the wedding cards will be one of intricate details and will be very ornamental. The color selections available are very vibrant as befits an Indian wedding celebration. Rich decorative effects on the wedding invitation are an essential element of such an elaborate event.

Wedding cards design for couples of two different religions

In the past it was relatively unknown for the bride and groom to be from two different faiths. This practice has become more common in today’s world and therefore there are wedding card designs to meet that need. Even though an inter-faith marriage is a new trend in Indian weddings, the designs for the wedding cards reflect the difference in the cultures and the faiths. Some of the designs used for such wedding invitations are non-conventional, which makes them very unique indeed.

Wedding cards design for a themed wedding

Indian wedding celebrations have their roots in an age-old tradition, which means that many of the wedding celebrations have a theme associated with them. The focus is usually on the traditional wedding and the popular wedding cards design is that of a scroll to reflect the heritage of the bride and groom. Even on with a themed invitation, the verse can be of a religious nature and the icons can be of gods and goddesses. This will give the invitation a true sense of the culture of the couple and sets the theme for the celebration.

Whatever wedding cards design that the couple chooses, the next step is to include the proper wording for the invitation, the type of font and the color. The traditional wording on the wedding cards includes the lineage of both the bride and the groom. Both this aspect and the images of deities along with other design elements and decorative effects are what make the design so unique to the culture of an Indian wedding. The decision is one that should be given the proper attention because the wedding cards design essentially sets the stage for the rest of the proceedings.


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