Hardwoods: Jackson TN Homeowners Love Hardwood Floors

Solid lumber is used in hardwoods. Jackson, TN, flooring retailers have various colors and designs of this type of flooring to choose from. When you see the great variety that exists, you will realize that you have a hard decision to make in choosing the one that you love best. One of the main reasons for using hardwood on the floors of homes is that it is completely natural. Hardwood resists insect infestation and is a great choice for those who have asthma or respiratory problems. It has a gleaming shine that brings out the beauty of the home.

Wood species used as hardwoods Jackson TN

The first choice that you have to make is the wood species of hardwoods. Jackson, TN, homeowners will tell you that all of them look beautiful, but since some are lighter than others, you need to see them all to choose the wood that best suits the décor of your home. If you wish you can have choose a different type of hardwood for each room of your home to make each one unique. The most common choices of hardwoods include:

– Maple and birch – The color of these hardwoods is very light. They do have dark grains throughout the wood and the wood itself is very smooth.

– Bamboo – While bamboo is technically not wood at all, but grass, it has the same level of hardness as oak. Therefore it is sold as hardwood for flooring. The colors vary from light to dark brown.

– Ash – This hardwood has the same hardness as oak, but is almost white in color.

– Oak – You can choose white or red oak for hardwood flooring. White oak is brown in color, while red oak has a pinkish tint to it.

Maintaining hardwoods, Jackson TN

You do have a bit more maintenance when you choose hardwoods. Jackson, TN retailers will be able to give you advice as to what you should use for cleaning and how to keep your floors looking new. Wood floors do tend to lose some of their color because of the sun shining in through the window. If you cover parts of the flooring with mats, you should remove them once in a while to prevent having different color spots in the floor. There are specialty cleaning products available for hardwood floors, but a mixture of vinegar and water does work well too. When you see that your flooring is showing signs of wear, you can sand the floor and restain it to bring back its beautiful shine.

Areas not suited to hardwoods, Jackson TN

There are certain rooms of the home where it is not recommended to install hardwoods. Jackson TN flooring specialists will tell you that such materials don’t work well in kitchens, bathrooms or basements because they are not resistant to moisture.

When you purchase hardwoods Jackson TN homes have a variety of sizes of planks. Narrow planks give the floor an old-fashioned look, but the wider planks make the installation work so much easier. If you plan on doing the flooring project yourself, you should ask for advice about hardwoods. Jackson TN specialists will be able to help.




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