A Workplace Injury Compensation Lawyer in Washington, PA Helps Workers Understand the System

The worker’s compensation system should be straightforward, but it can become very complicated when someone has been injured and is trying to make a claim. Insurance companies that are supposed to pay workers comp benefits may try to reduce their costs by disputing claims or offering less than is deserved. A Workplace Injury Compensation Lawyer in Washington PA represents workers dealing with this situation.

A workplace injury compensation lawyer in Washington PA helps clients obtain the maximum amount of money they are entitled to under the law. The system was developed so injured employees would be paid through insurance benefits and would not be allowed to sue their employers. This should be a win-win for both sides, but unfortunately, it often seems like the insurer has all the power in this scenario.

Questioning the Validity of Claims

Insurance companies use various methods to justify their questioning of the validity of claims. For example, if an employee does not report an injury immediately, there may be a question as to whether the episode actually occurred at work. The employee may not have mentioned it right away because he or she did not think it would be a big deal. Yet a muscle strain in a person’s back can become progressively worse over a week.

Dollar Values for Permanent Injuries

In some cases, a worker questions a settlement because it seems too low, yet the insurance company is complying with the law. Dollar values are assigned by states to permanent injuries, and that is what the worker’s comp benefits companies must pay. For instance, if the employee has lost a finger in a workplace accident, the dollar amount for that loss is set by the state. A lawyer with a firm such as Woomer & Talarico can provide more details on this subject.

Scheduling a Consultation

Lawyers typically provide free consultations, so injured workers can get a case review and ask questions. They can find out if the insurer should be offering more money or if the proposed settlement amount is acceptable. Anyone who wants to schedule an appointment may request a consultation.

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