Adding Options With White Cylinder Pedestal Sets

One of the challenges in decorating venues is in creating design elements at various heights. Placing everything on standard tables creates a single line and height of floral arrangements that does not create a central focus or a variation in the presentation.

Adding a white cylinder pedestal on a table or on the ground offers the option to create displays at different heights and in small locations throughout the venue. This is a perfect addition to add around a head table, beside a dessert table, or to hold floral arrangements or centerpieces for an event.

Different Heights

Selecting a white cylinder pedestal set provides you with up to five different heights to consider for your decorating needs. These typically range from about 35 inches in height to the shorter pedestals that are 20 inches in height.

The different heights provide the option to group the pedestals together to hold floral arrangements or to create a welcoming presentation for those entering the venue. They can also be used to display items throughout the room or used along the edges to hold various food items or anything else you want to have as part of the décor.

The benefit to choosing a white cylinder pedestal set is it can be covered with any color of fabric to create a more themed look. Drape a chair sash across the to add a pop of color, or tie a chair sash on the pedestal base for a fun decorative element.

Sturdy and strong, these pedestals can also be used on tables to create a multi-level display. They are wonderful as props in photo booths and great for parties.

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