An Answer To What Happens After Death

    Many rational minds have thought and pondered over the question of what happens after death. One cannot deny of not ever thinking about this during his lifetime. This is a perplexing thought as we still do not have a fitting answer to it. Death has varying effects on different people. To some death is something to be afraid of and to the others it is a promise of an ever-lasting and peaceful life of happiness in the presence of God in His kingdom.

    Different cultures and civilizations have given rise to beliefs regarding the after life. This has not helped in resolving the question but has furthered man’s speculation about it. Physical death is something which man is prepared for, its inevitable that man will complete his cycle of life and die. But there are only a few people who prepare for what will happen to them after they die. A large number of people would prepare for it if they actually knew what road they would be treading on after they die. In the Holy Bible, God and the Prophets prepare man on the life after death. According to the life they lead in the earthly world they will be categorized to go either Heaven or Hell. The people who will be going to hell will lament for not being prepared for the inevitable while those who lead a pious life will be rewarded a blissful life in heaven. In the earthly world man is separated from God. This is because he is born with the Original sin committed by man when he disobeyed God; leading to the Fall of Man, his departure from God’s kingdom and losing his place in Paradise.

    Paradise is a place that God has promised for those who believe in Him. It is a place where man will be reunited with God . Till the judgment is passed man must keep his belief in his creator and live on earth which is like a purgatory, where he must prove his allegiance to God by living a life in God’s footstep, repent for the Original Sin and work towards his union with God. The trust of those people who believe that Jesus died for us on the cross will not go futile for they will be rewarded and escape from the fires of hell. As we are born with the Original Sin we are cast out from God’s kingdom-so before we actually find an answer to what happens after death we should lead our lives in God’s ways so as to come out from the banished state and move on to the

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