One Incredible Story About a Jewish Holocaust Immigrant in New York City

People who are fascinated by history are often intrigued by stories of people who have lived through terrible times and wrote to tell about it. Such is the way with Holocaust novels. Despite the absolute horrors of Jewish concentration camps in Nazi Germany during WWII, there is a sense among history buffs to learn as much about the suffering of the Jewish people and the triumph over tragedy by the survivors. One particular novel of the Holocaust novels genre has quite a tale to tell of a New York immigrant and Holocaust survivor.

The Story of Siggi Wilzig

It seems like such an unusual story. Jewish boy goes to a concentration camp, nearly dies, then is rescued by Allied forces and comes to America where he builds an empire. It doesn’t end there because Siggi is appointed as the head of the Jewish Holocaust museum twice, an honor he lived up to by donating more than just his time to the museum. Having amassed such wealth and surviving a tragedy in his life, he begins to give back to his New York City community and his people.

Rags to Riches? Not Really, but Still an Excellent Read

A lot of critics like to label this novel a “rags to riches” story. However, it is unfair to call it that since the rags part refers to being a prison camp survivor. It would be more accurate to label it a story of true triumph in the face of incredible hardship. To order your copy today, go to the Unstoppable website.

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