Benefits of Divorcing through Collaborative Law Proceedings

Washington residents going through the difficult process of divorce know how stressful and trying, as well as potentially painful, it can be. Collaborative law practices in Spokane offer an alternative for divorcing couples who are able to put aside resentment and hostility in order to openly discuss what is best for everyone involved in the dissolution of marriage. It is an increasingly popular practice in the United States, and those who use collaborative law in Spokane enjoy several benefits.

In the first place, collaborative law does not cost as much money as conventional divorce does when it has been contested by one of the parties involved. Due to the fact that both parties are generally in agreement about resolving conflicts and coming to terms in a resolution that is satisfactory to everyone involved, it also tends to be less lengthy. Collaborative law practices in Spokane do not involve a series of court dates that can take a year to finish, but can rather be completed in four or five sessions.

Secondly, there is obviously much less stress about “losing,” or about having one’s limitations or flaws exposed for public consumption. Since both parties enter into collaborative law with the same end in mind, there is a significant release of pressure or worry involved. Both parties also are represented by a collaborative law attorney without the hostile environment of the courtroom.

Third, there is no bargaining or threat of litigation. Control of the agreement is in the hands of the parties rather than a judge, and they are free to work out an agreement on their own terms without resorting to litigation, threats, or other forms of coercion. This usually results in settlement that is actually followed when all is said and done.

Finally, collaborative law divorce is often referred to as “divorce with dignity,” and this is an excellent notion. Rather than looking out for one’s own interests from the beginning and sticking to it throughout a court trial, each party, supported by lawyers and other professionals, seek the mutual good of everyone involved. This results in bargaining that is more flexible, respectful, and reasonable than is often presented in the courtroom.

A better alternative to traditional divorce, whereby the dissolution of a marriage is a hotly contested and painful process, collaborative law divorces in Spokane present an opportunity to bring peace to a difficult situation, and generally ends in resolutions that are beneficial to everyone involved.

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