Benefits of Living in ASU Apartments off Campus in Tempe Arizona

Going from living in a dorm room to having your own apartment can be a huge leap, especially financially. And while traditional apartments might offer lots of style and comforts, the costs can be way more than what you can afford as a student. Luckily, there are apartments close to campus that can provide a happy medium without denting your pockets. Read on to learn how choosing the right ASU apartments off campus can be super beneficial.

Share the Rent and Not the Burden

While having a roommate can ease your financial responsibility, if they were to move out or cannot pay their portion, you might find yourself in a world of trouble. However, with certain off-campus apartments, you can have an individual contract, so your living situation isn’t affected by what your roommate does. It is the ultimate shared living experience as it allows you to have all of the perks of having your own space without the financial headache.

Get More for Less

College housing has always been known for being somewhat cramped, even when it is off-campus. However, you can enjoy bigger living quarters, a private bathroom, lounges, a fitness center and so much more. Redpoint even allows pets, which is something you won’t find at every other off-campus housing complex.

You can choose from ASU apartments off campus that have patios, are in the style of a cottage, and more. On top of all that, getting back and forth from campus has never been easier as they offer a shuttle for your convenience as well.

If you have been searching for your dream apartment, contact Redpoint Tempeor visit their website today.

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