A Few Details to Keep in Mind Before Getting Braces for Straight Teeth

Looking in a mirror and seeing that your teeth aren’t straight can sometimes be depressing or at least bothersome. Fortunately, an option to consider would be braces. Here are some details to keep in mind before you visit your dentist to have them put on your teeth.


After getting dental braces in Bloomingdale, you’ll likely need to keep some kind of lip balm on hand for a few weeks. This is because the metal brackets can cut your lips or make it difficult to close your mouth all the way until you get used to having braces. Another way to moisturize the inside of your mouth is by using wax on the brackets in the back of your mouth so that they don’t cut your gums or cheeks.


There are some foods that you want to avoid after getting dental braces in Bloomingdale. These include foods that are sticky, hard, or chewy. Avoid gum, chips, popcorn, and candies that are hard as they can get wrapped around the brackets or break the brackets. Even if you do avoid these foods, you might notice food particles getting stuck in your teeth or between the brackets. A small toothbrush can quickly remove these particles if you’re out and about and don’t want to go home to brush your teeth.

Monthly Visits

You’ll usually need to visit your dentist or orthodontist once a month so that the wires can be clipped and tightened. The doctor will examine the brackets to ensure that there is no damage and will likely change the colored bands around the brackets.

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