Benefits of Voice and Digital Court Reporting

When it comes to court reporting, there are a few different approaches taken by professionals to create precise transcripts in a short amount of time. Court reporters aren’t restricted to using a traditional stenotype machine exclusively, and many are certified voice writers or digital transcriptionists. Many reporters use a mixture of these methods to keep practically error and omission free records of court proceedings for the benefit of judges, attorneys, or litigants. Each reporting technique has its advantages and drawbacks; however, the higher the skill level of the reporter, the more likely it is that clients will receive nearly perfect transcripts regardless of the method employed. Voice writing and digital court reporting methods are used in courtrooms all over the world, and make transcriptions simpler for reporters and clients alike.

Recognition Software
Certified voice writers verbally record the happenings in their environment, rather than using a stenotype machine to physically transcribe events. Reporters speak into a microphone, known as a stenomask, which is connected to voice recognition software. The mask silences the reporter’s voice, allowing them to easily transcribe without interrupting the proceedings in any way. One of the benefits of voice writing is the fact that the software utilized generates text instantly. Edits and corrections can later be made to produce a higher quality transcript. However, if the process is completed by a professional, original voice writing drafts are usually perfectly readable.

Electronic Recorders
Digital court reporting involves the use of strategically placed recorders and sound systems throughout a courtroom or other spacious area where listening and transcribing would be difficult. By using specialized software, digital court reporters can annotate dialogue exchanges as they transpire. Because reporters can later replay the recordings, they’re able to maintain exactness by making edits and corrections wherever necessary. This improves the overall quality of the transcripts and gives reporters the ability to produce recordings that are nearly 100% accurate. 

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