Body Lift Surgery After Weight Loss: FAQs

Body Lift Surgery After Weight Loss: FAQs

Body lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is sometimes suitable if you have undergone a weight loss surgery. If you have had 100 pounds or more removed from your body, sometimes the skin may sag in those areas. When the skin loses its natural elasticity as a result of the weight loss surgery, you can tighten it only to some extent with exercise. Once the skin loses its natural elasticity, the sagging begins to get more noticeable, unless steps are taken in time. To get better results and achieve a natural body contour, a body lift surgery may be an appropriate and timely option. Here are a few commonly asked questions, and related answers, on body lift surgery after weight loss.

Who is a suitable candidate for body lift surgery?

If you consider body lift surgery as an option, a quality cosmetic surgeon evaluates whether you are a suitable candidate. There are many factors that the surgeon considers, which includes your medical history and current physical complications. The surgeon also evaluates the trend of your weight, and needs to be sure that your weight has been stable for minimum one year. If you smoke, you need to let the surgeon know. Smoking can adversely impact the result of the body lift surgery. So, you have to quit smoking several weeks prior to the surgery. A quality surgeon fills you in with all the details and lets you know the guidelines you need to follow.

What is body lift surgery?

In body lift surgery, the surgeon removes skin, in phases, from places on the body where the skin has lost the maximum amount of elasticity. This usually includes the abdomen, the thighs, the face, arm, and neck. For women, loose skin may also be removed from the breast region. Skin is gradually removed from these areas using extensive surgical procedures, to help the body regain some of its natural contour.The process is usually time-consuming, and involves more than a day’s hospital stay.

How long does it usually take to recover from a body lift surgery?

For most people it takes two to four weeks to get back to a normal working life. But the results vary depending on the individual condition and circumstances. Your surgeon also asks you to report periodically for check-ups. A strict monitoring regimen is maintained after the surgery.

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