Brother Laser Toner Cartridge Replacements: Important Facts

Xerox came up with the first laser printer in 1981, the Xerox Star 8010, which cost a whopping $17,500! HP came up with one for the masses in 1984, for around $3,500. HP was followed by Brother and IBM, with products in the same price bracket. By 2008, the price of a low resolution laser printer was down to as low as $75! With falling prices, margins are majorly being derived from recurring cartridge costs. Today, the price of an OEM manufactured Brother Laser toner cartridge could make your jaw drop.

However, low cost alternatives such as compatible versions, refills, recycled Brother Laser toner cartridges, etc, have provided some respite. However, making an informed choice is important while looking for alternatives. The pros and cons of each should be evaluated accurately before making the final decision.

Brother Laser Toner Replacement: Useful Information

Keep the following points in mind when you seek low cost replacements for your Brother Laser toner printer.

* Whether you should opt for a remanufactured or compatible toner replacement would depend on the price advantage it offers. Normally, a price advantage of 20% to 50% should be reason enough. However, it is important to steer clear of substandard products that can harm your printer and produce low quality print outs.

* Generic or universal toners are never a great choice. They reduce the longevity of cartridges by exerting too much pressure on the print heads. You might have to replace them soon after, resulting in further expense. Print quality is also affected. Every brand of laser printer warrants a specific toner for refill. You need to choose solution providers who can cater to such customized requirements.

* When opting for refilling kits for your Brother Laser toner printer, you need to know if the cartridge has a refilling hole or whether you need to make one. If there isn’t one, your kit should include equipment required to burn a hole in the cartridge for refilling purposes. Checking the cartridge to be refilled, right at the outset, is important.

* The best choice for a Brother Laser toner cartridge replacement is to opt for a compatible version from a trusted source. They are cheap, customized and also provide high quality printing output. The cartridges are refillable too, in case you would like to switch to refilling in future.
Keeping these basic facts in mind will help you make the right choice, without causing any permanent damage to your printer.

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