Check Out these 5 Essentials that Every Custom Garage Should Have

A garage is so much more than a storage space for cars and household tools. For many it can double as a space for storing off-season items, working on hobbies, and even add valuable square feet for entertaining. Top garage contractors offer these suggestions for creating a truly custom garage space.


Many garages don’t have windows. When a space is dark, it’s uninviting and can become a dreaded place. Stop relying on single-bulb lighting and install LED lighting throughout the space to make it bright and welcoming.


For people using their garage as a workspace, a workstation is a must. This is the spot where tools are stored and everything is neatly organized. Equip the space with designated areas for a flashlight, power tools, and other garage workstation essentials.

Refrigeration Storage

Take advantage of sales and stock up on perishable items with a second refrigerator added to the custom garage space. Refrigeration is also important when the space is used for working or entertainment. No more going in and out of the house to grab a cold drink.


Garage flooring is an essential part of creating a custom space. Many homeowners turn to garage contractors to help them come up with flooring ideas that are washable and attractive.

Proper Storage

A Custom garage in Indiana takes advantage of vertical space. Work closely with Garage Guys of Indiana, Inc. to make sure there’s plenty of storage for off-season storage, daily usage and more.

For more information about custom garages in Indiana, contact the Garage Guys of Indiana, Inc.

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