A Discussion About Breast Implants & What To Expect Before & After Surgery

Breast implants in Chicago are still one of the most popular cosmetic surgery options today. Hear what a leading local plastic surgeon has to say about breast implant surgery. Prospective patients can learn what to expect before, during and after their breast augmentation surgery utilizing one of several breast implant choices.

Why Women Should Ask Questions During the Consultation

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, it is important to have an in-depth conversation with your chosen plastic surgeon to discuss your post-surgical expectations. Women should plan to ask questions during this revealing and informative consultation appointment. Most plastic surgeons will be able to assess and give their expert recommendations regarding breast implant size, type and position best able to achieve the desired results.

What To Expect During Surgery & Through Recovery

Most breast implant surgeries are done as outpatient procedures, and the majority of patients will go home the same day. Expect some site area redness, bruising, swelling and minor discomfort immediately post-operative gradually decreasing within a few days to two weeks during the recovery period. Patients will wear a special bra with dressings, and all postoperative patient instructions should be followed exactly to keep discomfort and swelling to a minimum and encourage faster healing.

Realistic Expectations About Outcome Are Key

Undergoing breast implants by a Chicago plastic surgeon can help women feel good about their bodies. However, it is essential to have a realistic expectation regarding results. For more information visit Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C.

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