Child Visitation in Manheim Township, PA Makes Stronger Families

Separation can be very difficult for the noncustodial parent. They often go from seeing their children every day and participating in their activities to not being able to see them at all due to tension between them and the other parent. Although the custodial parent may truly feel like they are doing the right thing, unless there is a valid reason to restrict a parent’s access to their children, this can have a negative effect on their lives and their relationship with both parents.

Study after study has shown that children who have both of their parent’s support as they go through life are better adjusted as they grow and develop. When parents take a step back and realize that allowing their children to have a relationship with their other parent is actually in their best interest, it tends to become easier to pack up their clothes for an overnight stay. In the meantime, a noncustodial parent who can’t convince their former spouse to share the children should consult with an attorney who focuses on child visitation in Manheim Township, PA who can provide guidance during this difficult time.

The longer a parent is away from their children, the greater the chance the children have been told disparaging things about them. Whether those things are true or not, the children should not be involved in these types of conversations. By working with a lawyer with experience in child visitation Manheim Township, PA parents might be able to get in front of a judge who can order the custodial parent to share the children.

This isn’t always easy. Sometimes when spouses are very upset about the breakup, they tell stories that would cause the court to question whether it is safe to allow the other parent to spend time with the children. Working with an experienced law firm such as law offices of Melissa R. Montgomery could help a parent convince the court the allegations against them are not true so they can resume their role as an involved parent to their children.

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