Cloud Computing Pros And Cons: Scaling and Cost at the Heart of the Issue

Cloud computing is one of the greatest technological innovations business has ever seen. It has changed the landscape in many ways. But it is not a perfect system. This cloud computing pros and cons dissection illuminates a few truths about this complex network.

The Pros

  *    Cloud Scaling: The cloud is more of a service than an actual entity, and it is a service that is charged per use. In other words, the more the company uses the more they pay. This is naturally perfect for businesses still growing their brand and perhaps in need of more cloud space at a later date. This scalability is appreciated by large firms as well that are working on tight budgets and may decide to lean back on their cloud services by the year or month.

  *    Content and Collaborating: Content is stored in the cloud, but it is also shared. Through an accessible interface, companies can collaborate on projects with seamless ease. It may work as follows. A company hosts content on the cloud and allows other employees to see their projects. These projects can be edited accordingly, uploaded back to the cloud, and remain visible to all party members. This enhances collaborations for the better.

The Cons

  *    Ending the Service: Once initiation with the cloud service has begun, how exactly is it ended? Sure, a company can stop providing information and end any contract terms if applicable, but there is no guarantee the content isn’t sold or breached in some capacity. Removal of all the data may be impossible, and even if it is not, how does one know if it was done at all?

  *    Cost: No matter which way one looks at it, cloud networks are costly. Now they can be found at a great rate, but then a company needs to research the many elements of the company, such as active interaction, storage capacity, and, of course, security measures.

Cloud computing is a great innovation, but it is not an absolutely perfect system that many would have the greater business world believe. Read cloud computing pros and cons in detail, or contact Contact Curtis Burnside directly to answer any and all questions pertaining to this network.

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