Compelling Reasons to Retain the Services of a Worker’s Comp Attorney

When you have been hurt at work, you might be afraid to report your injury to your human resources department. You might fear being fired for being injured. You also may worry about costing your coworkers any safe workplace bonus they were supposed to receive soon.

Still, under the state law, you have the right to file a claim against your employer’s workers comp insurance and recover expenses for medical bills and lost income. By hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer in Rockford, you can make the report with confidence and recover monetary damages to which you are entitled.

When you have on retainer a worker’s compensation lawyer in Rockford, you do not need to fear being fired from or transferred in your job. These actions are only lawful if you cannot reasonably return to work in the same capacity. Even then, your employer may be held liable for your lost income if you have to resign from your position because of your injury.

Likewise, you also can go to the doctor, clinic, or hospital that is in-network with your employer’s insurance to have your medical bills covered. The insurance by law has to pay for your medical expenses as well as any prescriptions you are given for your injury.

If you are not able to return to work because of the severity of your injury, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against your employer for your lost income and punitive damages.

Your lawyer can file the action in court and pursue it until it is settled out of court or you are given a judgment. Your attorney can negotiate a settlement if the employer wants to avoid going to court. You can find out more about your legal options by contacting the Law Offices of Bradley Dworkin at website.

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