Dealing with the Small Plumbing Problem before it becomes an Emergency

When did you last have your plumbing system inspected? If there are things that are often ignored it is plumbing. That leak in the faucet has been going on for months and you don’t seem to care enough to call the plumber. You are taking your water heater, toilets and drains for granted thinking that they can mange on their own without your interference until such time when the problem aggravates and you need emergency repairs. The repair job cost you more than you ever expected because you left it at the last minute.

Regular plumbing checkups from plumber Cedar Rapids, IA would have forestalled most of the breakdowns if only they were called to do so. Some the plumbing problems would never have occurred if only you have identified it immediately.

  • Clogged drains – remember that the drains are not for trash. Leftover food will clog the drains and you should take proper care with what you put on the drains. The kitchen sink suffers the most from clogs because you have been irresponsible with leftover cooking oil and grease.

The bathroom drains are also clogged with so much hair because you forgot to put that drain strain. Clumps of hair can easily clog the pipes as it acts like some sort of net that traps different particles.

Toilets clog because the tissue paper you bought is not actually suitable to go down the drain. Napkins, tampons, wet wipes, disposable diapers should not be flushed down the toilets as it will definitely cause clogs and will need the professional plumber Cedar Rapids, IA to do the job of unclogging and cleaning the drains.

  • Leaking faucets, leaking pipes – small leaks can turn into big ones. If the faucets are leaking, you might consider replacing them with new ones. Leaking pipes can cause big problems like flooding in the basement. Always take a good look at the pipes if they are still good. Varying weather conditions have a negative impact on the outdoor pipes and you should be quite vigilant with your inspection right after a sever snowfall.

  • Leaking water heater – Once you notice a leak, it is about time to replace the water heater with a new model of higher efficiency. If you have not realized it yet, home devices and appliances don’t last forever. The leaks were perhaps due to old age of the water heater which is an indication that it has served the family enough and has reached the end of its usefulness.

These are but simple cases of plumbing problems which can easily be prevented with a good amount of responsibility and diligence. Be careful with what you flush down the drains as it may haunt you in the future. Use your garbage disposal for trash and not the sinks or toilets. Plungers can be used on the sink or by cleaning the p-trap. If this does not work, call plumber Cedar Rapids, IA otherwise you might do more harm than good. They are the professionals skilled to do the job that you cannot accomplish on your own.

Plumber Cedar Rapids, IA provides the services to help ease the mind of homeowners regarding their pipes, faucets, drains and water heaters. Log on to to avert plumbing emergencies.

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