Bail Bondsman in Saginaw, TX Can Assist Defendants Who Need Bail

Bail is an individual right stated in The Bill of Rights in The Constitution. It provides particular people accused of a crime the primary tenant of “innocent until proven guilty”. The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution also prevents the courts from setting excessive bail amounts. Granting bail to those presumed guilty of an offense before trial is the reason companies and Bail Bondsman in Saginaw, TX are in business. There are valid reasons why a person should use the service of a bail bondsman when faced with the threat of remaining in jail awaiting trial.

Bail Bondsman in Saginaw, TX benefit the courts as well as the individual by keeping the already overcrowded jails from completely overflowing. They allow the justice system to detain the worst offenders awaiting trial without fear of having to release them back into society. Those accused of crimes in some instances can still care for their families, work, and pay their bills before they get to their trial date. Most defendants will not even go to trial for at least a year or more, and 68% are convicted at that time. That leaves the 32% found not guilty or have charges dismissed keeping their lives from being torn apart by sitting in jail awaiting trial.

Posting bail using a Bail Bondsman in Saginaw, TX helps to save the defendant and their family money the amount paid at the courthouse is usually 10% of the set value. The rest is contracted through the bail bond company and clients use a form of collateral to secure the bond. Bail bondsman also monitors and detains those who have warrants out on them in a jurisdiction, many bail bond companies will arrange bail on these warrants as well handling the paperwork. Preparing a case is easier when the customer is out free on bond versus being in jail awaiting trial. All transactions are discreet; client information does not get shared with anyone other than the courts and the bail bondsman.

Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds provides customers with the money necessary to post bail and be home to fulfill family obligations while awaiting trial. The company offers 24-hour services to those who find themselves in jail and needing a bond. Payment plans to help secure a bond for those who are granted bail by the courts. They also offer bonds nationwide as well.

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