Dental Implants Give the Best Return for Cost

Getting dental implants in Salisbury NC as a solution to dental restoration can be an expensive investment in your smile, but in terms of return on your investment, it is the most durable and cost-efficient option. Unlike other kinds of procedures, an implant replaces a missing tooth’s root structure, as well as the tooth itself. Usually made out of metals such as titanium, dental implants are manufactured to fit the size and scope of your specific dental reconstructive needs.

The reconstructed tooth is planted inside the bone where the former tooth resided, and eventually the bone heals around the tooth, anchoring it in place as a long-term replacement. Dental implants are able to function like normal teeth because they stimulate the bone structure in your gums, and after healing, are treated by your body as if they are natural teeth. They may also be used as a foundation for other crowns, bridgework, or dentures. Once they heal, people who have implants rarely even notice any difference between the implant and their natural teeth.

Dentists who specialize in dental implants in Salisbury NC can tell you authoritatively if the condition of your own teeth make you potentially eligible to have the work done. People who are missing several teeth and are in need of major reconstruction often opt for implants rather than bridgework or dentures, which take more care and are less stable. Implants provide a solution for people who do not like cleaning and caring for dentures, as well. In some cases, there may not be a sufficient foundation of bone in which to implant the artificial tooth structure. Specialists in dental implants in Salisbury NC who use the latest in technological innovation can work around this problem, however, utilizing grafting or other techniques to augment the base for the implant to work properly.

Implants can replace every missing tooth in your mouth, or they can be used in conjunction with crowns and bridges in order to stabilize dentures. The best Salisbury NC dentists are willing and open to discuss all options with you, and usually there are many viable solutions that can work for each particular patient, depending upon his or her own ability to pay for work as well as present needs.

The use of implants for patients who are missing teeth that can be easily seen, or have been without teeth for years, is an exciting solution. There is nothing quite so emotionally healing as being able to smile again without worrying about how you look, or about the assumptions other people might make about you.

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