Effective Ways of Pavement Maintenance

Pavements tend to crack mainly due to the harsh atmospheric condition. Another factor responsible for worsening the condition of pavement surfaces is our negligence. Once cracks appear on the surface of the paved path then only we tend to look out for the maintenance personnel and not before that. By that time the damage has already exceeded far too much! Paved driveways, although being resilient to high pressure executed by the automotives, tend to give in to the mounting force after sometime. At first, hairline crack appears on the surface which widens further as time goes on and finally the asphalt surface wears away exposing the inner layer. To avoid untimely deterioration of pavement surfaces proper upgrading and preservation needs to be done. 

There are multiple ways in which pavement maintenance work is carried out by technicians. Let’s take a look at some of the more effective ways to deal with pavement threats:

1.       Sealcoating: If you want to add life to your pavement twofold, this is the best way possible. Sealcoating prevents pavement surfaces from damage caused by constant exposure to sun, atmospheric oxidation, water, and gasoline. Custom built parking lots adjacent to houses rarely get damaged due to heavy traffic pressure. Here, natural weathering causes the deterioration of the surface. Such strong are these natural forces that even asphalt surfaces gets damaged over time. Sealcoating helps to minimize this damage.

2.       Crack sealing: If you want to give your cracked pavement a new score of life, this is the way to go. The major advantage of adopting this method is that it will resist water from penetrating deep into the sub-base of the asphalt which otherwise would eventually result  in one or more of the following damages – void formation under the pavements, shrinking or swelling of the asphalt surface, and formation of potholes. In this process ‘asphalt crack fillers’ are used by the technician to fill up the cracks on the surface of the damaged pavements.

3.       Patching: Sometimes the extent of damage on the pavement surface is not extensive but is limited to few areas. For such localized repairing, patching needs to be done. These days with the advancement in technology, conventional patching is accompanied by other procedures like infrared patching, as well as polypatch & mastics.


Technicians suggest that it is best to start pavement maintenance work as early as possible to avoid major damage. While looking for best pavement maintenance, Metrowest, MA residents can get in touch with a specialist company who has considerable experience in pavement maintenance and repair services.



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