Finding the Right Electrical Contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana

Having a skilled, licensed and insured electrical contractor is vital for the future of your construction project, whether it be commercial or residential. While it’s appealing to take on home remodeling projects with a “do it yourself” mindset, hiring a professional to take on electrical installation or renovation is always the safest route. Not only is performing your own electrical work unsafe, in many jurisdictions it can also be illegal.

Finding someone who is trained, licensed and insured to perform your electrical work can seem like a daunting task, but when it comes to new builds or renovations, finding someone who is both trustworthy and established in the field could be the difference in your building project being a success of failure. Hiring the right electrical contractor can not only save you money in mistakes and potential fines, but it can also prevent you from experiencing serious injuries, severe burns or even death due to electric shock or other injuries.

Hiring a professional who is insured and up to date on electrical code ensures that your construction project will pass inspection when that time comes. It’s vital that you hire someone who is familiar with the rules and regulations to perform your electric services in Indianapolis.

If you’re looking for electric services in Indianapolis, contact Burtner Electric. With over three decades of electrical experience, Burtner Electric has worked on projects like yours whether they be residential or commercial and has been serving the greater Indianapolis area for over 30 years.

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