What Is Indoor Air Quality and How Does a Decatur HVAC Unit Affect It?

The Environmental Protection Agency wants homeowners to learn more about indoor air quality in order to keep health problems to a minimum. Indoor air quality is simply clean air inside a house. HVAC has a direct impact on air quality. AC maintenance Decatur, GA, will help.

HVAC Affects Air Quality

HVAC extracts heat from indoor air and returns cool air into the house. In an ideal world, this would be all there was to it. However, conditions exist that befoul air blown back into the house.

The unit’s coils become dirty. This impedes the coils’ ability to both extract heat and return cool air into the house. The dust and dirt goes with the cool air, directly impacting air quality.

Air conditioners use two filters. One is in the return and the other in the air exchange in a closet or the basement. These catch dirt, dust, pet dander, and other contaminants. When the filters are dirty, contaminants are circulated throughout the house, which also impacts indoor air quality.

How AC Maintenance Helps

An AC maintenance Decatur, GA professional will do a 20 point checklist on an HVAC unit. Dirty coils will be cleaned. Filters will be replaced. The fins on the outside unit will be cleaned. Fan blades will be checked and cleaned if necessary. Bowman’s Heating and Air Inc will make sure your indoor air quality is good. Visit us for more information.

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