Five Considerations for your Dock Design

If you are about to Marine Contractors Charleston Sc and need some ideas for your dock design, here are a few things to consider:

1. Space: First you want to consider how much space you have for your dock. This might require some research in regards to your property and the waterway or lake on which you are located. Each area has different rules from whether you have an existing dock to how deep the water is in your area. Your dock builders in Charleston Sc can advise you of this as well. Once you understand how far out you can go you can have a better idea of what configurations will work.

2. Living Space: Many people decide to develop their docks into a deck/dock when space and bylaws allow. You can take a look at your property and see if there is a way to incorporate some nice features from a canopy to steps leading down from your property to a deck that is at the top of your dock. This is a nice way to take full advantage of your property. You can have a space for two chairs and a table or even accommodate a full lounge set.

3. Use: Of course you wan to consider the use for your dock. Will you be fishing? Using it as a place to jump in the water for swimming? Do you have boats or a boat? Do you have jet skis? All of these aspects will have an impact on the design of your dock. Some people have even been known to add a small diving board, steps to get safely up onto the dock in case they take a tumble and the incorporation of a boat lift.
4. Safety: Consider if you require any safety features such as a pole to safely place a hook, life saver and any other things that will assist should someone require assistance. You can also look at adding a built in storage place for life jackets.

5. Configuration: Many people appreciate the patio dock idea as it gives them an additional living space right at the water’s edge. Again you have a few things to consider to establish if you have the space and the option. Many home owners like the “T” dock which adds a 90 degree section at the end of the dock.

Considering these details will make it easier to come up with the dock that will work best for your needs.

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