Get Help With Foot Pain From A Jacksonville Podiatrist

When your feet hurt, you feel miserable. You not only feel bad, you have difficulty getting around. You may not be able to walk or work due to your foot pain and you to get help quickly so you can get back to your normal routine. Many times, foot injuries take a long time to heal. The best option is to consult a podiatrist to get an accurate diagnosis and recommendation for treatment.

There are several podiatrists in Jacksonville, FL that will help with your foot pain. Consulting one of these specialists is a lot like going to a regular doctor. However, since podiatrists specialize in foot disorders, they can quickly diagnose your problem. The exact cause of your foot pain might be a mystery to you so when you try to diagnose and self-treat, you often just prolong your suffering.

Foot pain has many causes such as stress, injury, malformations, and disease. For example, if you have diabetes, it is extremely important to keep close watch on your feet for signs of infection or injury. You may need a podiatrist to trim your toenails so you don’t accidentally cut yourself and cause a dangerous infection as a result.

Podiatrists in Jacksonville, FL, have private practices with the necessary equipment to examine all the components of your feet. You have 33 joints and 26 bones in your feet along with 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. The feet are often neglected, but they are amazing body parts with complicated mechanics. Something as simple as wearing the wrong shoes can lead to chronic foot pain.

Treating foot pain is challenging since it is very difficult to stay off your feet and allow them to rest. Proper treatment depends upon successful diagnosis of the problem. You may need to change your footwear for starters. The doctor may prescribe ice packs and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sometimes foot pain is caused by a serious condition that requires surgery to correct. The only way to get to the bottom of your pain and eliminate it is to work with a qualified podiatrist. Your personal doctor may be of help to a point but even he may refer you to a podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL for a more specialized treatment. One of these podiatrists is First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic. They special in treating foot injuries, infections, and proper care of feet.

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