Get Relief For Your Feet With Burning Treatment in Joliet, IL

A burning sensation in the feet is not just an annoyance. It could be a symptom of a serious condition. Anyone that experiences chronic burning or repeated episodes of the sensation must schedule an exam to determine the cause. The problem may begin as a sensation of numbness or tingling. The feeling may intensify to a sharp prickling before the burning is felt. This could happen quickly or it could gradually increase in its intensity over a period of weeks or months. Burning Treatment in Joliet IL is available that will relieve or eliminate the pain and discomfort.

The most common causes of burning feet are diabetes and excessive alcohol consumption. It is estimated that 25-30 percent of all diabetics experience this type of discomfort at some point. These are not the only conditions that lead to a burning sensation. Visible problems like an infection or a foot fungus are easy to identify and to treat. An array of medical problems could also be to blame and these are sometimes less easy to diagnose as the cause.

    Chronic kidney disease

    Vitamin deficiency


    Lyme disease

    Medication side effects


    Guillain-Barre syndrome

Before receiving Burning Treatment in Joliet IL discuss the cause of the problem with a professional. A complete medical exam is often needed even if someone has already been diagnosed with one of the conditions mentioned. It is possible that another problem is causing the burning if the pain suddenly appears despite suffering from an associated disease for years. By narrowing down the cause it is much easier to treat the condition effectively and prevent future episodes.

Burning Treatment in Joliet IL may differ dramatically for each patient. Diabetics may need to change their diet or lose weight to reduce the pain. Alcoholics should stop drinking to allow their nerves to have time to heal. Others may benefit from an improved diet, vitamin supplements or raising a low thyroid level. A treatment plan at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL relies on an accurate diagnosis for success. Schedule a consultation to discuss any symptoms and to learn more about the treatment options available.

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