How often to Call for Air Conditioning Service in Southington, CT

Even if you do not have any direct signs that there is a problem happening with your air conditioning system, it is still in your best interest to hire a reputable air conditioning service for an inspection and cleaning once a year. Ideally, this is done in the spring, and that time of year is only a few months away. This type of servicing is done annually to ensure you get optimum efficiency from your air conditioner throughout the next year. The summer months, particularly in Texas, can quickly make a home impossible to live in without the help of a functioning AC unit. Therefore, calling for an annual service may help you enjoy a more comfortable living arrangement when you need it most.

Why Annually

Simply by doing its job, your AC system accumulates dust and other debris in certain areas that affect its efficiency. Condensing coils and air filters are two of the most common components of your system to be affected by this type of accumulation. Left without a proper cleaning of an air conditioning service in Southington, CT, up to five percent of your AC unit’s efficiency will be lost each year. That means a steady rise in the amount of energy needed to do its job, which in turn increases your energy bills. HVAC services offered by companies such as James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. should help you handle such a problem with fewer delays.


Air conditioning service offered by the right companies is done at an exceptionally cost-effective price. In most cases, the service averages between $70 and $150, and that cost includes basic cleaning and servicing of the unit as a whole. This also includes the replacement of your air filter. In addition, this service can help you spot potential failures long before your system suddenly stops working, which should save you thousands in the long run.

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