Growing Container Gardens in Off-Campus Housing in West Lafayette, IN

Nontraditional students attending Purdue University typically prefer off-campus housing in West Lafayette IN instead of living in a residence hall. They are older than most of the students living in residence halls and may have been out on their own for a while already. Living off-campus also gives them the chance to pursue activities that would be difficult in a residence hall. For instance, they could grow a container garden for fresh vegetables and herbs.

Using Time Wisely

These men and women would have some yard space for a garden if they rented a duplex or a house. The trade-off would be needing to devote more time to yard work in the warm-weather months and snow removal in winter. University students may not want to devote any time to those activities. They are already busy enough, especially if they need to work at least part-time.

Location of the Garden

Some university students have the dream of homesteading one day. For now, though, they want to complete a degree and get started on a new career. By renting off-campus housing in West Lafayette, IN, in a complex, these individuals have more hours for studying, productive hobbies and creative self-expression. They can grow food in containers on a balcony or patio if one is available. If not, this can be done in front of patio doors or even in front of a sunny window.

Alight West Lafayette is an example of an ideal off-campus living arrangement for students attending Purdue University.

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