How Much Will I Have To Pay A SSI Disability Attorneys Near Missouri?

Social Security disability attorneys fees in Missouri are based “on contingency,” which simply means that you pay only if they win your claim for benefits for you. If the attorney fails you pay nothing. Regardless of whether you are applying for SSDI or SSI, an attorney will take your case without you having to pay until the case has been settled favorably. It makes no difference how long the case drags on; even after years, the attorney will not get paid until it’s over and won.

To ensure that they do get paid, SSI disability attorneys in Missouri enter into a fee arrangement with the respective client; this arrangement is given to the Social Security Administration for approval. If the SSA approves the agreement and the case is won, the agreed fees go directly to the attorney from the back pay you were awarded. There is no minimum fee, the parties can agree on anything as long as it does not exceed either $6,000 or one-quarter of the back pay, whichever is the less. This arrangement is an integral part of social security law and cannot be exceeded except in very rare cases.

If, after multiple denials or the case has to go to the appeals council or federal court then the SSI disability attorney can petition the administration to increase the pay over the $6,000 cap, it will be approved only if it appears to be reasonable.

In any legal case, there are two types of expenses the attorney charges, one is their fee for the time they work on your case and the other is expenses. In a typical situation, the attorney will be burdened with fees for such things as postage and photocopies that will be used to support the client’s claim. These records are found in a hospital, a doctor’s office, a mental health facility, etc. Most of these places charge a fee, albeit not large, for copies. In a typical case, the expenses rarely exceed $200.

Fees for SSI disability attorneys in Missouri cannot be paid upfront but the attorney can ask the client to pay a reasonable amount up front which can be used to defray the expenses. If this should happen the money is placed in a trust account in the name of the client and as the money is used the client is kept aware of this when the case has been won should there be any money left in the trust account it is returned to the client?

Fees for SSI disability attorneys in Missouri are set by social security law and unless there are specific approved reasons, they cannot exceed a certain amount. If you need help with your claim for social security benefits it is well worth hiring the Grundy Disability Group LLC as you only pay when they win the case for you. For more details, visit their website or contact them today.

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