How to Check the Safety of your Electrician Service

An electrician service not only attends to the installation, maintenance, faults and repairs for residences, but can also attend to commercial businesses, industrial installations and stationary machinery. Electrical contracting is calculated to be worth some $130 billion in the United States. Trained professional electricians are employed in ships, aircraft and vehicles that have electrical components necessary for their functioning. “Gaffers” provide electrician service for the television and film industry.

When employing large scale or domestic electrician service, it is critical to hire only bonded, insured and licensed professionals. Electrical work has to be of quality standards as incompetent work may result in serious damages to property and potential injury or loss of life. Electrical safety is paramount. You should only employ highly skilled, experienced professionals for work in your home and business to provide security to the residents of your home and ensure safety to workers and inventory on your commercial property. If you hire uninsured tradesmen, you run the risk of liability for any injuries on the job site and damage arising out of poor quality of work.

Electrician service in the United States is regulated by local authorities and the National Electrical Code (NEC). The NEC guidelines ensure that the electrical systems function in a safe way. The prime function of the NEC is to safeguard the health and life of individuals and prevent property damage arising from electrical usage. States use the NEC guidelines as a benchmark, but introduce additional specific guidelines according to local requirements and mandates.

The electrical contractors can be broadly of four major categories:

  • Outside contractors are responsible for laying high voltage power lines, transmission of power and distribution. The electrical contractors install and maintain infrastructure that is necessary for the transmission of electricity generated at a power plant to power facilities, residences and commercial buildings via a system of high voltage lines and substations.

  • Inside contractors provide the electricity within the boundaries of a premises or property to any structure or building.

  • Integrated Building Systems are dedicated to provide low-voltage systems like back-up power, wireless networks, climate controls, energy efficient lighting, fiber optics, telecommunications and security systems.

The electrical contractors employ apprentices, journeyman electricians, estimators and project supervisors. An electrician is employed by electrical contractors. An electrician can also work directly for individuals or businesses. For domestic work you can hire professionals from your local electrician service. Indianapolis residents can find trained tradesmen in the city.




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