Families Are Getting Organized With Modular Storage

Modular storage units are proving popular with family members of all ages struggling to keep their things in order. The increasing popularity of storage units is partly attributable to the unbelievable variety of sizes, colors and materials available. Many areas of the home and yard can benefit from better organization:


A standard closet often comes with a single shelf. Modern closet organizers add more functionality. Additional shelving, flexible spaces, clothes hangers and space for shoes make organizing clothing and personal items much easier. Some families are finding they can double or even triple the amount of available space in their closet by utilizing the correct modular storage system.


The garage is often the last bastion of storage in home. If an item cannot find a place anywhere else in the house it ends up in the garage. Modular storage systems are the perfect solution for the wide variety of tools, equipment and household items that make their home in the garage.

Tool sheds

In larger properties, farms and ranches, a tool shed is a popular solution to storage challenges. Modular storage systems are the perfect addition to the sparse insides of a regular tool shed. Storage systems can be stacked and re-stacked to find the optimum position to accommodate all of the tools and equipment that will be stored there.


Many modern kitchens have the latest electronic gadgets to whip up all kinds of delicious meals. A constant challenge is finding a home for the incredible amount of different pieces of kitchen equipment. Modular storage systems provide needed relief for overstuffed kitchen cabinets.


Greenhouses and outdoor gardens take a tremendous amount of up-keep and maintenance. It is useful to have one area designated for the storage of all of the herbicides, plant food, tools and protective clothing. Modular storage systems made of weatherproof material fit the bill. The system itself can be stored inside the greenhouse, or in a nearby tool shed that is locked and secure.

Sports Equipment

Many family members are participating in a wide variety of sports activities. From kid’s football and hockey games to parents involvement in 10K races and triathlons, storing sports equipment is a challenge. Installing a designated storage system in the basement or garage for all of the sports equipment will keep it from piling up in kid’s rooms.

Modular storage systems are a practical, effective solution for the constant battle against clutter.    

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