How To Maximize Retail POP Displays

There are several ways retailers can maximize their retail POP displays. Point-of-purchase displays can increase overall store sales by a significant amount. There are a number of ways merchandisers can leverage their use of countertop displays, stand-alone cabinets, hanging posters and electronic signs to maximize retail sales per square foot.

Quality Construction

The first method of creating maximum sales with retail POP displays is to ensure they are made of quality construction. A high-quality display will enhance the perceived value of the products inside. On the other hand, cheap displays that look like they could break at any minute reflect poorly on the products. Purchase displays from quality vendors and maintain their appearance over time.

Creative Execution

Once your store has acquired high quality displays, rely on your merchandising staff or store management to come up with creative displays. Using creativity does not mean that each display needs to be its own Broadway production. In fact, often the opposite is true. Simple displays with creative cross-selling or graphic imagery go a long way toward encouraging impulse sales on high profit items.


It’s a wonderful thing to have high quality displays with creative execution. It is just as important to have practical displays that can be moved easily and changed quickly. More and more retail managers are working with less personnel and more sales pressure than ever before. They do not have time to haul retail POP displays around the store. Mobility, flexibility, and practicality are important factors to consider when shopping for new POP displays.


Customers live in a world of fast-moving movies and high-speed sports. They can purchase video and computer games that take them to fantasy worlds and various points in history. Retail POP displays must keep up with the high tech, high touch world their customers live in. Innovative, interactive displays that utilize sight, sound, motion and emotion to involve shoppers on many levels will be successful. Look at different design concepts and test them when possible to get real world feedback on their effectiveness.

Large retail operations can work ahead with professional POP display designers to create innovative new displays that will engage customers and promote sales. This kind of long-range planning allows store merchandisers the time they need to come up with blockbuster ideas that will separate top retailers from less successful stores. Retail POP displays are important factors in every successful store.

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