3 Custom Designs of Indian Wedding Invitations

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Business

Ever wondered how people might have announced their weddings or invited guests before the printing press was invented in 1447? In England, a town crier would be assigned the responsibility of announcing the news of a wedding in the streets. Everyone within earshot would become a part of the celebration! In the Middle Ages, affluent families commissioned monks, skilled in calligraphy, to create invitations. The mass interest in marriage invitations surged only after the Industrial Revolution, when Alois Senefelder invented Lithography in 1798. The development of thermographic printing too played a crucial role in popularizing the concept. Nowadays, especially for Indian brides and grooms, marriage invitations designs have become an extension of self. Read this article to get some excellent ideas on customized Indian wedding invitations.

Indian Wedding Invitations: Few Customized Designs

The following are five unique Indian wedding invitations options that you can ask your provider to design for you:

  1. Simple but trendy

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant, understated yet regal invitation, you can opt for a square navy blue invitation with a kalgi or a paisley designed on the top. Navy blue stands for trust and truthfulness. Kalgi is the ornament that grooms wears on their turbans and paisleys have always been the favorite design for most ethnic occasions. Most believe that the paisley design stands for fertility. Irrespective of the aspects or facets they stand for, both the designs can add a touch of elegance, royalty and charm to the card.

  1. Simply religious

For those who wish to express their religious affiliation can get a Lord Ganesh motif printed on the card. A sea green color Ganesh on a silver background would be perfect for a Hindu marriage invitation. The color silver is associated healing and cleansing properties. The green color and Lord Ganesh, both symbolizes abundance. A Sikh wedding invitation can have a black Khanda symbol on a silver background. A Christian wedding card can have the image of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in white, on a dark blue background. Muslim wedding cards can have the image of Makkah Masjid and a moon.

  1. Conventional and elegant

Scrolls are becoming increasingly popular as Indian wedding invitations. Scrolls give the feel of the age old tradition of sending messages. Furthermore, if decorated with laces and ribbons, they can look extremely elegant, impressive, conventional and contemporary, at the same time. Therefore, you can get your provider to design a red color scroll with golden script embossed in it. To add to its grace, you can tie the scroll with a golden ribbon.


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