How to Prepare for Divorce

What you were dreading is happening to you. When you first got married you never thought that this could be the future of your relationship and you are emotionally distraught and physically drained by the thought to the impending divorce ahead. Divorce is a growing statistic in American society. About half the couples that are currently married will end up divorcing. The fall out of this trend is far reaching and may last for years and years after the actual break up. Men lose contact with their children or have to leave the family home, women are embittered by their lost youth and the sacrifices they made to invest in a family and marriage that did not last, children are forced to divide time between their parents and end up getting resentful and emotionally scarred.

There are some ways to deal with the stress of your new situation. If you are feeling insecure and depressed join a support group and talk to others going through the same trauma. Find a therapist. Keep yourself physically active and engage in regular exercise. Do not overeat and develop an unhealthy lifestyle. Try to regain control of your life by focusing on the positive and letting go of the things beyond your control. Divorce is an emotional affair and you might have to feel a lot of pain. Give yourself permission to feel; do not engage in destructive abuse of drugs and alcohol to numb your feelings. Try to incorporate some fun time for yourself in your daily routine. Try not to be impulsive in your highly emotional vulnerable state.

If you are unable to avoid a divorce you may have to make some preparations to ensure that you mitigate the consequences it may have on your life. The first thing to do is to have a talk with your spouse about your future living arrangements. If you are on amicable terms, you can decide how you want to share custody of your children without making them the victims of your animosity. When you have come to some agreement the party that will move out of the marital home should find some alternative living arrangements. Inform all your personal and professional contacts about your new address. As divorce is a legal matter the involvement of a lawyer at some point would become necessary. A lawyer who specializes in legal advice relating to family matters such as divorce, paternity, child support, child custody, visitation, adoption, separation etc. should be the professional to consult when you are preparing for divorce. Hannibal MO residents can avail the advice of experienced legal professionals who specialize in family law.

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