How to Select a Wrongful Death Lawyer

The death of a loved one can be traumatic, especially if it could have been avoided. If a family member has died  due to someone else’s negligence, you may have grounds for filing a case against the person. A wrongful death lawyer can help you to evaluate the strength of your case. Although you may be grief stricken it is important to seek justice.

You should look online for a suitable attorney who has experience in this field. You can even ask your friends, colleagues, and family for suggestions, if they have been through a similar experience. Shortlist a few lawyers and then pick one based on their fees.

When asking for damages, you should keep the emotional distress caused to family members in mind as well. This too needs to be compensated for, in addition to the loss of the deceased. Family members could also have suffered a financial loss with the death of the loved one, which also needs to be factored in when asking for compensation.

As the surviving family member, you need to establish that the death was caused due to negligence, deliberate act, or recklessness. If the family member was responsible for his or her own death through action or inaction, your case will be weak.

Once this is established, you will have to show that you have suffered damages which can be measured, as a result of the death. Examples include a death in an automobile accident, and medical malpractice, or a death related to work.

Check the state law as it relates to wrongful death. Surviving children and spouses can file cases. In some states even grandparents  or siblings can do so. You will need to open a probate estate so that you can sue on behalf of the deceased.

Medical bills and burial expenses are some of the damages that you may be able to claim. Others include compensatory wages that the deceased would have got had he or she lived a normal life span. You may also be able to claim compensatory damages for the emotional suffering as a result of the early death.

Ask your attorney whether you can claim punitive damages. Look for an established wrongful death lawyer. Milwaukee residents should look for one in the area, so that it is convenient to visit. Schedule an appointment in advance so that you get one when you are free. Think of any questions you have for the attorney before the meeting.



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