How Window Glass Film Can Improve Employee Comfort

Exposure to sunlight is a major discomfort for employees and staff working throughout the day in the glare of the sun’s rays. Heating bills, air conditioning bills will be inflated if your windows are not glazed or tinted. Moreover, overexposure to UV light is very harmful to humans as it causes skin cancer among most light skinned races. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and a real threat to health. One way to limit the exposure the sun’s UV rays at the workplace or at home is to install window glass film that rejects much of the UV rays.

Installation of window glass film helps increasing comfort levels at home or in the office. Some of the ways the special coating is beneficial are:

  * Reduction of energy and fuel costs by almost a third

  * Rejection of up to 99% of harmful UV light, protecting residents and reducing fading and deterioration of furnishing, upholstery, carpets and displays

  * Helping maintain temperature control throughout the building, removing uncomfortable heat spots

  * Reduction in the glare of computer monitors and television screens reducing eye strain

In addition to ‘sun-control’ installation of safety window glass film is very useful in improving the security of your home or business. The security films are of heavy duty plastic gauge. These films prevent the pane from shattering into shards of dagger-like fragments on impact of a projectile, accidental collision or explosions nearby. Installation of such security films impedes a burglar by not only obstructing vision by effectively screening the interiors, but also prevents the glass from shattering easily on impact. In regions prone to severe weather hazards like tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards, security films acts as an added protection against window breakages and resist subsequent damages to your property.

Window glass film can be clear or tinted. Tinted glass is very effective in reducing the solar glare in excess of 80% and rejecting up to 99% UV light. Not only are these easy to install, removing film is also very easy and can be done very quickly. Nowadays, window glass films are available in a wide variety of designs. This would allow you to avail decorative films, offering you the effect of acid-etched glass or sand-blasted glass but at a fraction of the cost! They are quite effective for use in shower cubicles, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets etc. They offer the privacy without completely cutting out the natural sunlight. If you are looking for ways to improve safety and comfort in your home, installing window glass film is the smartest idea.


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