How Installing Window Films can make your Home Safe?

by | Nov 22, 2011 | Home and Garden

Is your home situated on a busy street? Do you find strangers looking into the premises at all times? It gets tiresome and uncomfortable if your home is always visible to outsiders and curious passersby. There are chances of trespassers breaching your safety and privacy! A quick and effective way to deal with such a situation is to have window film installed on your panes.

Having window film installed will make the premises less conspicuous and wouldn’t draw the attention of potential burglars and other criminals. In addition to private properties, many business owners also choose installing window films as a way to safeguard their interests. Window films not only help protect the privacy of your premises but the layer of film is also an additional safeguard against splintering of glass into shards, that may occur in the event of an explosion.

In the present scenario with terrorism being a real threat in many cities in the world, commercial builders are choosing to apply window film on glasses. Much of the injuries caused in case of bomb attacks are due to splintering of glass and the flying shards. As a security measure against such eventualities, some commercial builders choose to install heavy-duty window coating made of heavy gauge plastic that are specifically designed to actively absorb shock and prevent the panes from shattering. Security films also protect glass windows from mobs and rioters who might throw projectiles from the outside into the property.

In today’s uncertain times, looters are on the prowl for an opportunity to vandalize and ransack your business and goods. At a marginal cost, the security of your display windows is considerably increased by applying window film. Some of the plastic coating available are esthetically designed to enhance the look of the building. Frosted versions closely resemble acid-etched or sand-blasted glass, or are available in colored vinyl designs.

People also use glass films for their car windows in order to restrict UV rays from entering inside the car, to reduce heating/cooling cost of the car and to maintain privacy as well. There are some disadvantages to motorists and police if the window tint is too dark. In Canada, tinting laws are put in place at each province. These laws are established to protect other motorists and also to enable police to identify passengers inside the automobile. Police are unable to identify the passengers of the automobile if the windows are heavily tinted with dark shaded window film. Toronto has many installation facilities that offer personalized tinting for buildings, homes, and cars.

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