Industrial Design Masters

Who Do You Want to Be?

Our Industrial Design Masters program will train you to learn about the world of designed objects, interior architecture, and overall basic architecture to prepare for your industrial career. Hard work pays off with dedication in the industrial design field and having an eye for details will last a lifetime through all of your technically skilled endeavors.

What Masters Degrees are Available?

Industrial Design Masters degree candidates can choose one of the multiple routes in order to fulfill their degree requirements so they can begin their industrial career. All degree paths are unique to the pursuers behind them. Listed are just a few examples of the Master’s degree paths below to get your industrial career journey started today.

* Master of Design in Design Objects
* Master of Architecture
* Master of Fine Arts in Studio (for Architecture or Designed Objects)
* And more!

What Job Titles are Possible After Graduation?

It’s no surprise that there are many job titles that Industrial Design Masters students can pursue after graduation. Let your dreams run wild as you read the list of numerous possibilities below. Let it be your motivation to sign up for classes today to earn your degree.

* If applicable to your job search, you may start out as an Architect Intern or Design Intern for an industrial company.
* BluePrint Designer
* Schematics Designer
* Industrial Designer
* Project Manager
* Owner of an Industrial Design Firm
* Principal or Partner in Architecture (based on tier)


Whatever career path you choose in our Industrial Design Masters program, we will provide all the knowledge and accreditation you need to be successful in this field. You will be able to work anywhere in the world with a degree granted from our school. Contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for more information.

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